Communications Consultant

Employer: Regina Open Door Society

Location: Regina, SK


The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) invites proposals for the development of an integrated marketing communications strategy.

1. Purpose

The overall objective of this project is to develop an integrated marketing communication strategy that:

  • Is aligned with RODS’ strategic priorities and objectives
  • Supports the development and strengthening of RODS’ brand
  • Provides consideration for all of RODS’ diverse stakeholder groups
  • Integrates RODS’ communication goals with the communication and marketing goals of RODS’ programs, including engagement and initiatives with both:
    • a) Clients (immigrants, refugees, newcomers to Canada)
    • b) Community Awareness (volunteers, partners, donors, media, community at large)

2. Background

About RODS

The Regina Open Door Society is a non-profit charitable immigrant service organization incorporated November 17, 1976. RODS provides over 25 diverse specialized programs and services to refugees and immigrants of all backgrounds, seeking settlement assistance in Regina and area. The organization and its diverse staff of 180+ professionals bring tremendous experience, resources and expertise to the delivery of newcomer settlement and integration services out of 5 downtown Regina locations. RODS’ vision is 'A Welcoming Community Enriched by the Diversity & Strength of Newcomers to Canada’.

In September 2013, RODS launched a new strategic plan for 2014-2017. This strategic plan builds on the ideals of RODS’ mission, vision & values and focuses the organization in the context of the growing and changing immigration environment in Saskatchewan. The plan focuses on four strategic priorities:

  1. Improve the Newcomer Experience
  2. Foster a Welcoming Community
  3. Enrich the Staff and Volunteer Experience
  4. Enhance Financial Strength and Organizational Stewardship

About RODS Communications

The Regina Open Door Society has undertaken a wide range of communication activities over the past 40 years. More recently, with its growth and expansion, the organization has focused on raising its profile, working to position RODS as the regional expert on immigrant settlement and integration. This goal has guided the development of the agency’s website, social media activities and media relations activities over the past few years, especially since the national Syrian Refugee Initiative. In addition, a significant amount of communication resources have gone to support RODS’ programs and activities.

RODS’ communication activities are managed by a small in-house team including the Executive Director, Executive Coordinator, Manager of Settlement, Family & Integration and the Community Connections Coordinator. The team, in collaboration with other leadership staff and Board, oversees media requests, branding and social media (website, FB & Twitter), in-house design and format of AGM Report, program posters, billboards, etc.

RODS is now seeking to develop an integrated marketing communication strategy to guide our activities going forward.

3. Project scope

RODS is seeking a consultant or agency with expertise in strategic communications and/or integrated marketing communications to support the development of this strategy. Experience working with non-profits is desirable. The key contacts for this project will be Darcy Dietrich, Executive Director and Shelly Hill, Executive Coordinator. The consultant will also work with members of RODS’ leadership team, Board reps, program leads and communication committee reps.

The scope of the project is to complete an integrated marketing and communication strategy that will provide a framework for RODS’ marketing and communication activities over the next three years. This should incorporate both RODS’ general and program communications.

This strategy should include:

  • Communications assessment/audit including key audience analysis (note this includes multiple audience groups)
  • High-level key messages
  • Brand implications
  • Overview and recommendations for communication and marketing activities and campaigns
  • Over the 2018-2021 fiscal years (including but not limited to PR, web, social media,
  • Promotions, other marketing activities)
  • Communication of strategic goals
  • Note that the scope does not include the development of detailed implementation plans for specific communication or marketing campaigns. Rather, the scope is to provide a strategy that will allow RODS to develop a strong communications framework with its current resources, and provide the necessary background to fundraise for further potential activities or campaigns.

4. Project Deliverables

It is expected that the consultant or agency will deliver in the following four areas:

1. Internal consultations and communication assessment/audit

The consultant or agency will undertake internal consultations with RODS’ Board of Directors and staff including the Communications Committee, senior management and program staff. In addition, the consultant will be expected to complete an assessment/audit of RODS’ current communication activities. The results of these consultations and assessments will need to be shared with RODS through a meeting/presentation and written document.

2. Audience research

The consultant or agency will undertake research and analysis of RODS’ target audiences (for example immigrants and refugees, employers, community partners, donors (TBD through step one). This research should include developing a clear characterization of the audience, an understanding of the types of messages that would resonate with them, and identifying the best means to reach these audiences. The results of the audience research will need to be shared with RODS through a meeting/presentation and written document. Salient points will also be expected to be incorporated in the final communication strategy.

3. Integrated Communication Strategy

On the basis of the above, the consultant or agency will work closely with RODS’ communications representatives to develop the communication strategy. This strategy will need to be shared with RODS both through a presentation and a final written document.

4. Brand communications as a part of the Integrated Communications Strategy

As a part of the integrated strategy, the consultant or agency is expected to review the current organizational & program brands and provide expertise on integrating & using them to better position RODS to achieve its strategic goals and mission.

Note re: Ownership

All rights, title and interest in any and all deliverables will, upon creation, be the sole and exclusive property of RODS.

5. Timeframe:

RODS anticipates this project will begin May 1, 2017 with the following timeline:

  • May1, 2017: Internal consultation and communication assessment
  • June1, 2017: Audience research
  • July 1, 2017: Strategy development
  • Aug.15, 2017: Final strategy due

6. Required skills and experience

The successful consultant or agency will have:

  • Experience developing integrated communication strategies
  • Experience in non-profit communications and marketing
  • Demonstrated ability to undertake communication assessment/audit and audience research
  • Expertise in brand development

7. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals received will be judged on the following selection criteria:

  • Relevant experience and skills
  • Scope of work proposed and associated work plan
  • Ability to meet the timeline and budget expectations
  • References

RODS values diversity among its suppliers. In cases where proposals are of equal strength, a demonstrated commitment to diversity may be used as an evaluation criterion.

8. Submission Guidelines

Respondents are required to submit responses in the following format; if this requirement is not met the bid will not be considered. The proposal must include:

  • A cover page including the proponent’s name, project title and the closing time and date
  • A description of the relevant background, skills, experience of all members of the consulting team
  • A work plan outlining how the tasks described above would be carried out and an overall estimate of time required for each deliverable (within the suggested timeframe above)
  • A firm estimate of fees to be charged including all anticipated costs.
  • References: Names and contact information (contact person, title, company, address, telephone number, and email) for 3 relevant recent clients
  • A signed RODS Vendor Statement of Ethical Practices and Conflict of Interest form

9. Proposal Submission

Any questions/clarifications requiring RODS response during the preparation of proposals can be directed to Shelly Hill, Executive Coordinator,

Proposals must be received by email by 12:00 p.m. (noon) local time on April 21, 2017 with the subject line “Communication Strategy Proposal” All documents must be in MS Word or PDF file formats. Please send proposals to:

Shelly Hill - Executive Coordinator

10. Terms and Conditions of the RFP

  • Proposals received after the time and date noted above will not be accepted.
  • This is not a Request for Tender or an offer. RODS is not bound to accept the proposal that provides for the lowest cost or price to RODS, and reserves the right not to proceed with the contract and to reject any or all bids.
  • RODS reserve the right to request additional information from a bidder.
  • RODS may select more than one supplier to satisfy the RFP requirements.
  • An award resulting from the RFP is subject to the successful conclusion of a contract.
  • An evaluation committee will review each proposal. RODS reserves the exclusive right to develop the list of criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposals. Selection of a supplier will be based on an evaluation of all responses against the stated evaluation criteria.
  • The supplier will absorb all costs in the preparation of the proposal. All proposal and all supporting materials submitted in response to the RFP will not be returned.
  • Each proponent is required to disclose any instances, which may cause a conflict of interest. If such disclosures are made, the proponent is required to indicate the manner in which they intend to address such conflicts. Where RODS is not satisfied with the manner in which the proponent intends to address such conflicts, RODS, in its sole discretion, may refuse to consider the proponent’s proposal.