Newcomer Bursary Program

Newcomer Bursary

Newcomer Bursaries are cash awards that are to assist students with meeting the costs of post - secondary (i.e. university or vocational) training.

Up to SIX awards of $2,000 each are available in 2017.  


Individuals are eligible to apply for a bursary if they meet ALL of the following criteria:
  • They are a REFUGEE who landed in Canada in the past 10 years (i.e. since January 1, 2007)
  • Their principal residence is located in Regina
  • Their studies will take place at a Saskatchewan educational institution
  • They have not received a Newcomer Bursary in the previous year

A brief letter and transcripts should be submitted at the same time as the application. Reference "Section 2" of application.  Please ensure that all documents are submitted at the same time. 


Application deadline is May 19th, 2017.  


Application forms must be returned to:

Attention: Newcomer Bursary Program

Regina Open Door Society

4th Floor - 2220 12th Avenue

Regina, Sask, S4P 0M8


Bursary recipients will be selected by an independent committee and notified in writing.  Bursaries will be presented at the World Refugee Day celebration on June 20th, 2017.  Bursaries can be applied to studies commencing prior to June 30th, 2018.  

 2017 Bursary Poster

2017 Application Form


Previous Bursary Recipients are as follows:

2016 Bursary Recipients

  • Bishnu Kafley
  • Emmerence Bagenda
  • Eh Khu Hsa
  • Devi Pabitra Tiwari
  • Marwa Janbaz
  • Mensur Ali
  • Ruth Asfaw
  • Sumitra Sunuwa

2015 Bursary Recipients

  • Flavia Flavia
  • Hadiseh Samadyar
  • Karuna Regmi
  • Mu R'Na Hser
  • Nu Nee
  • Tha Lay Too Paw

2014 Bursary Recipients

  • Abdul Malik Janbaz
  • Hewan Meselab Abrha
  • Kee Mae Paw
  • Sirjana Subedi
  • Tila Nepal
  • Tha Ku Eh

 2013 Bursary Recipients

  • Flavia Flavia
  • Hadiseh Samadyar
  • Karuna Regmi
  • Mu R’Na Hser
  • Nu Nee
  • Tha Lay Too Paw - Social Justice Committee Bursary

2012 Bursary Recipients

Amina Ibrahim - recipient of the Saskatchewan Credit Unions Bursary
Amir Samayar
K'tru Paw
Lahset Lay
M'thu Hser Lah
Tha Mu Eh - recipient of the Holy Child/St. Joseph

2011 Bursary Recipients

  • Htee Hset Meh Ywa Lay Ker Paw
  • Nafisa Absher
  • Win Naing San
  • Yesira Abdalbyine
  • Yo Kaw Htoo
  • Zahra Movahedzadeh

 2010 Bursary Recipients

  • David Angeth Deng
  • Elaheh Ahmadi
  • Foruouzan Azimi
  • Htee Moo Paw
  • Reem Marjan Germakana

2009 Bursary Recipients

  • Amran Ibrahmi Osman
  • Liridona Lika
  • Hafiza Haji
  • Nadira Beshir
  • Nahid Faizal



2008 Bursary Recipients

  • Aquila Azizi
  • Naw Paw Decem
  • Iyounia Rabayaa

2007 Bursary Recipients

  • Ali Nasry
  • Ben Akongo
  • Shakiba Shakouri
  • Idriss Movahedzadeh
  • Zeinab Mavahedzadeh

2006 Bursary Recipients

  • Samira Hashimi
  • Homaira Hashimi
  • Najma Moumin
  • Waffaa Zanoun
  • Adila Azizi









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