Meet K?tru Paw - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

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Meet K?tru Paw - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

I am K’tru Paw. I lived in Thailand refugee camp for 12 years with my parents and three siblings. But now we have been in Canada for four years and eight months. It is very difficult for me to understand everything. I am a grade twelve student at Martin Collegiate. In school, I try my best to get good marks so that I can have a good career. When I arrived in Canada, I was unable to speak English. After a lot of hard work, I learned English as well as took many difficult classes to finish my grade 12.

I am so proud to live in Canada because I am receiving a good education and providing healthy food for myself. Also, in Canada, my parents are allowed to go out to find a job. This in not like when we were in the camp. The situation in the refugee camp was not stable. The camp moved from place to place for our security. I did not recieve a good education in refugee camp. People were very crowded and there were too many illnesses.
My parents were not able to provide enough healthy food for themselves and their chil- dren. They also did not have permission to go outside the camp to find a job. Because of the disadvantages my family and my parents had when we arrived here, we have all had to help each other. I have been helping my parents while in high school and will need to continue helping them during my post-secondary education and into my career.
This is my last year at Martin Collegiate. After high school I am planning to go to SIAST to take nursing. My parents hope to see that I will be a helpful child in their lives and I will also try my best to be a good child for them.

I would like to thank the bursary team for helping our high school students to work towards a good career. Thank you for helping me get into a good career for my future life.

- K’tru Paw