Erna Seymour - Employment Services Success Story

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Erna Seymour - Employment Services Success Story

Erna and her family came from Jamaica to Canada in 2012. Her first winter here was a stark contrast to the tropical weather she was used to, but even the coldest temperatures could not shake her determination to make a home here.

Erna worked in the Jamaican school system for 27 years where she held various teaching and counselling positions. Soon after moving to Regina Erna applied to the Regina Public School System, where she was hired as a casual Teacher’s Aide until her contract was done in 2015.

When she had to start looking for new employment opportunities, Erna recalled getting information about RODS Employment Services. She met with an employment counsellor, and learned about how to upgrade her education if she wanted to continue working in the teaching field. She also got resources to explore different career paths and as part of this process, she decided to explore ca-reers with RODS
Erna first applied to Employment Services in September of 2015, and was not hired but this did not stop her, as she was determined to work with RODS. When another position opened, Erna applied again and joined the Employment Services team in January of 2016.

Erna has been a great addition to the team, as she is not only knowledgeable when it comes to helping people seeking employment, but she has a firsthand understanding of the barriers and needs newcomers have.

Her advice to other newcomers “to find a strong support system, whether it is RODS, a church or any community organization, and when you get help and get where you want to be; don’t forget to return the favour, and help others that are behind you “. Erna is especially thankful to her friends, family and church pastor, she says: “That support system really made a difference; I don’t think I would have survived here without that, I would have gone back to Jamaica”.