Meet Amina Ibrahim - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

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Meet Amina Ibrahim - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

My Name is Amina Ibrahim. I am from Somalia. I have lived in Canada since February 2008. I live with my mom and five siblings. My family escaped from war in Somali in 1986, and then my family immigrated to Malwi and lived in a refugee camp. We lost our dad in 2001. My family applied to come to Canada as refugees. It took fourteen years for the application to be processed, and we finally arrived in Canada in early 2008. I was very happy that we came to Canada because life was hard in Africa without a father. My mother had to work full-time in order to feed her six children. In this process she hurt her back and now she is not capable of doing many jobs, and this is why I had to get a job at Burger King when I was thirteen.

Since my mother hurt her back, I have been working to help my family financially in any way I can. My planned field of study is law. Ever since I was young I admired how lawyers could help innocent people get out of trouble and serve justice; I have always wanted to be a lawyer. My long term goal is to get into law school ( inshallah, if God wills) and serve justice in my country. The reason why I need this scholarship is because I am unable to save my income due to the bills I have to help with at home. Thus, I have nothing saved for my post secondary education. I don`t have many people to depend on financially, other than my older brother and he is taking care of the family already.

Currently, I am a part-time employee at 7-Eleven and I work three to four days a week. Working on school days is hard because this is my last year in high school and there are a lot of expectations for grade 12 students. When I am not working at 7-Eleven or focused on my academics, I like to be involved in the community and school. I have helped new arrivals in Canada by translating in Somali and Swahili, performed at multi-cultural events, participated in speech contests, and helped EAL student with their school work.

Thank you for this bursary. It will help me in achieving my goal of becoming a lawyer.
- Amina Ibrahim