Imran Saleem - Employment Services Success Story

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Imran Saleem - Employment Services Success Story

Imran moved to Regina from Pakistan in June of 2015. Upon arrival he came across Regina Open Door Society where he was able to get help with a variety of needs, such as settlement and employment readiness training. In Pakistan, Imran was the head of networks for a Bank, but when he moved to Regina, he was not sure if he would be able to find a job in the same field and at the same

Initially, Imran worked as a stocker at Walmart and then as a member of the Geek Squad for Best Buy. He “was always passionate about technology, especially data communications”. While he was working at
those entry level jobs, he was also focused on taking the steps necessary to find employment in his field. He knew he had the knowledge and skills, but he “realized that his resume was not in a style that matches with what employers are used to seeing here”.  


With that understanding, Imran decided to sign up for resume writing and interview workshops with RODS Employment Services.  At these workshops, he learned about different resume writing styles and what he could expect to be asked in an interview Imran took this knowledge and applied it to his job search; eventually he landed an interview with the City of Regina. Imran shared that since English is not his first language, he was a bit nervous at first, but having learned about common interview questions and done mock interviews helped him to feel confident going into his interview where he successfully got the job as an IT Support Specialist.  Imran’s advice to other newcomers who are looking for employment is to focus on the brighter side of things and to never lose hope. He said: “I was a night shift stocker at Walmart – and though it was not my career goal, I focused on the positive side of this, like being able to get a workout without having to pay for a gym”. Finally, he also advises others to “keep learning and evolving your knowledge, learn from other cultures, be open to change and be consistent with your efforts to improve yourself.