Manjinder's Story

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Manjinder's Story

I came from India with two years of research experience in Nanotechnology and having completed Masters in Electronics. Based on my research and education, although I got my Engineer-in-Training license, I never had a technical job. I joined RODS ELT (Enhanced Language Training) program thinking that it will provide me with meaningful work experience. But along with that, this program develops your skills which helps you for your whole life. This is a great program to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Saskatchewan workplace and economy, the skills you require to be a successful professional in Saskatchewan. I must say that my new resume is definitely much more impressive than before. This program is designed to make one employable in his/her own field.


My advice to other newcomers is you all have exceptional skills gained from your home country, but Saskatchewan market may require different skill set than yours (and in most cases it does but the gap is never too large) and surely they will hire a candidate whose skills matches more closely with those that their organization requires. I recommend you all learn more about what that market requires, don't just focus on getting a job, focus on improving your skills and the job will follow. Don't just think what you have, think what the employer needs and then improve, learn, enhance your skills. I spent two years waiting for a job that requires my skills and guess what, I never got that job.


After joining ELT I realized, my skills are not in demand, garbage is the only place for my resume. I also realized that I certainly can polish my previous skills to match what employers need. So I worked to improve my skills first rather than focusing on getting work experience. Though late, but learned my lessons, I got my first technical job as Technical Analyst in SaskTel. This success would not be possible without a special thanks to my sister and brother-in-law. They also have a big hand in my success. Again, I stress here that learn, SERIOUSLY, what Regina Open Door Society ELT teaches you and it will help you through all your life!