Meet Abdul Malik Janbaz - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

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Meet Abdul Malik Janbaz - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

My Name is Abdul Malik Janbaz and I am from Afghanistan.  My parents fled their country at the time of invasion of Russia and became refugees in Pakistan where I was born.  My father was a jounalist with BBC for more than 10 years.  During the past ten years, the situation of Pakistan regarding security and peace kept getting worse, especially for journalists.  Therefore, it was difficult to stay in Pakistan or go back to Aghanistan.  I finished my 12 years of school in Pakistan and successfully graduated towards end of 2011.  However, continuing my education after high school became impossible for me and it was hopeless due to the fact that opportunities for scholarships or students loan was not available for refugees.  Due to lack of such opportunities, many students or immigrants who strived for higher studies failed to achieve their dream of getting highter education.  For me becoming an Engineer is a big dream and has been since I was in elementary school.  I have always been good with Math and Physics subjects in my high school due to which my school teachers also perferred engineering profession.

When I arrived in Regina, my first aim was to register into the engineering faculty and fortunately I succeeded in getting adminssion in Univerity of Regina.  One of the best thing I found and always admire about Canada is the fact that everyone is allowed to continue education and if a student is unable to continue due to financial problem,  they are eligible for either student loans or scholarship/awards only if student is willing for higher edcucation.  No cultural, cast, religion is considered in such matter and everyone is considered equal.

I am very please since the decision of moving to Canada and being able to study worked for me.  It is a country that is warm and welcoming to newcomers and has great opporutnities to achieve your dreams.  In my opinion in order to make transition from one state to another state easier, a positive attitude can make a huge difference.  Being able to understand how system of new country works,  the language that people use, learning their culture is always pleasant and exciting for me.  If we accept changes in new enviornment and start being positive about jouney ahead,  we will be always happy.  A langugae barrier can be a major challenge for newcomers and thankfully for me it didnt' create any obstacle since I came to Canada.  Learning Enlgish for newcomers is very important and can serve a lot in case of finding job or communicating in your enviornment. 

Ever since I came to Canada I feel secure, safe, equal and I am able to continue my educaiton.  In future when I graduate, my prior goal would be giving same sercies of my best that Canada supported me.  I am very thankful to Canadian government for letting immigrant from differnt countries continue or pursue thier higher degree.


Abdul Malik Janbaz