Meet Karuna Regmi: 2013 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

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Meet Karuna Regmi: 2013 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

I have been through various challenges and have experienced both success and failure.  My name is Karuna Regmi, I was born and raised as a refugee in West Asian Country of Nepal, until my migration to Canada.  I arrived to Canada in 2010 along with my parents; I can say from June 2010 my journey in a new world has begun and life's challenges were doubled with each new experience in a strange country; exploring a new language, culture and adapting to a new way of living.  Since my migration to Canada I am looking after my senior parents and on top of that I was given huge responsiblitity to pay travel loan for my parents as well as mine.


I was eighteen years old by the time we migrated to Canada so I was not given a change to attend regular high school, and I got admitted to the Adult Campus to complete my high school.  Throughout my high school experience at the Adult Campus, I have been a fortunate recipient of the top ten awards in each quarter.  These awards have a marvellous impact in my life and in regard to my study.  They have been a wondrous source of inspiration for me.  As time went by I started hunting for a job but due to my language barrer finding a job to support my family became a huge challenge, I know I needed to work to pay the travel loans as well as to support my family.  Finally with lots of trying and hardship I was able to find a job, I worked all night and went to school in the day time.  I worked 7 days a week in two different jobs to make food on the table for every morning and evening and to make my dream to be a health care provider come true. 


I hope the challenges of life will continue and I believe that night is always followed by day light.  English is my second language and it is not an easy task; my continous hard work towards my study, I am making it through and looking forward to reaching my future goal, my future dream.  Growing up in a refugee camp, where health care was rare and refugees barely get any healthy care, I have seen many of our neighbours die untimely due to lack of medicine and health care providers.  Since my childhood I aimed to be a nurse or a dcotor and to serve refugees and also to make a difference in their life.  Keeping my goal in my mind I did my best to improve my English level with the help of outstanding teachers at the Adult Campus, I completed my high school which was a great achievement and encouragement for me to move ahead in reaching my goal.  I volunteer with Bhutanese Nepali Community of Regina as a language teacher.  Volunteering has helped me to improve my oral communication skills.


All the challenges I have been through has had a great positive impact on what I am today.  I got acceted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Regina, which is a great accomplishment of my life. The newcomer bursary from Regina Open Door Society will be a tremendous help in reaching my goal.


Karuna Regmi