Meet Lahset Lay - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

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Meet Lahset Lay - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

My name is Lahset Lay. I am from a Thailand Refugee Camp. Novemer 2006 I came to Canada with my parents and seven siblings. I came to Canada because of the war in Burma. Burmese military tried to elminate our ethnic group and take over our land. My parents moved from place to place because of the war. They did not have the opportunity to get their education because the military destoryed everthing in their village including the school, houses, and farms. They worried about their day to day life. There was no safety and security for them.

Finally, my parents fled Burma in 1992 and come to the Thailand Refugee Camp to take refuge. I was born into the Thailand Refugee Camp. In our camp we did not have the opportunity to practice our own rights, also we were not allowed to go outside the camp and we did not have a chance to further our education because a refugee does not have an identity. We got food from non-profit organizations. There were so many difficulties being a refugee and growing up in a refugee camp, such as discrimination and lack of freedom. My parents wanted to see thier children have a better life, so we chose to come to Canada.

Now that I’m in Canada and have started school, it has been so difficult. I could not understand the language and I was always confused, but I have made it through! I have applied to the Faculty of Science Pre-Med at the University of Regina to persue my career as a Registered Nurse or Dental Assistant.    I have my whole life ahead of me and I know what I want to do with it.

I would like to say a big thank you for the scholoarship that’s going to help my educaton in the near future.
Thank you kindly for this award.

- Lahset Lay