Meet Shazia Shareef - A RODS Volunteer

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Meet Shazia Shareef - A RODS Volunteer

Shazia Shareef has a heart for volunteering. “Volunteering allows me to give back to the community I live in. It allows me to help other    people.” A long-time volunteer with the Regina Open Door Society (RODS), Shazia has participated in the organization’s newcomer/long-time Canadian resident matching program, social groups and conversation circles. She’s taking a break from volunteering, this spring, to pursue an art class but plans to continue volunteering in the fall. At that time, she explains, she’ll be looking for a new challenge. “I want to try something different. Volunteering allows me to share my education and experience with other people but it also affords me the opportunity to acquire new skills and abilities. The Open Door Society has been very accommodating. They’ve helped me find creative and meaningful ways to give back to my community while enriching my own life.” When asked about the sacrifices involved in volunteering, namely, that volunteers give of themselves, their time and their energy; without receiving any financial compensation, Shazia is quick to respond, “Volunteering makes my life better and it improves the lives of the people I volunteer with. I consider the benefits of volunteering to far outweigh the costs.” A perspective like that takes heart.


Happy National Volunteer Week!


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