Meet Sirjana Subedi - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

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Meet Sirjana Subedi - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

My name is Sirjana Subedi.  I live with my parents and two brothers in Regina.  My families are immigrants from Bhutan.  Due to the political situtaiton of the country, my parents became refugees and took asylum in Nepal in 1992.  The refugee camp was sponsored by UNHCR (United National Hightly Commander of Refugees).  As such, I was born in a Refugee Camp in the year of 1996.  I grew up as refugee child in very miserable conditions.  There were so many difficulities being a refugee and growing up in a refugee camp, such as discrimination and lack of freedom.  I was admitted to school at the age of six.  Our school was also sponsored by UNHCR.  My childhood days were fun and joyful even in the Refugee Camp, but unfortunatley there was a big fire in our camp where 1400 huts were burned.  We lost our shelter and we remined under the trees without any supply except a few clothers, everyday hoping to get food.  Finally, a good day came after this miserable nighmare, when we applied for third country settlement with the support of UNHCR.  We were given the option of five countries: USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand among them.

My parent chose Canada but all of our releatives and friends have gone to different parts of the world.  It took two and half years for the application to be processed and we finally arrived in Canada in early 2009.  I enjoyed the task of learning English and reaching my goals in school.

I would like to continue my education after graduation from high school, and with the Newcomer Bursary Regina Open Door Society has provided me I will be able to continue my education.  Being a child with parents who have little education is challenging since good jobs are not available for those with lack of education.  

I have recently graduated from F.W. Johnson Collegiate.  I am very involved in extracurricular activities while in school.  All the teachers from Johnson had given me great support, opportunities and encouragement to move ahead in reaching my goal.

Outside of school, I also volunteer at the Regina Food Bank, YWCA, YMCA and I have helped new arrivals in Canada by translating in Nepali at the Regina Open Door Society and the hospital.  New year I will be pursing my dreams of becoming a nurse.  My goal is to become a nurse so that I can make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering by applying my skills and knowledge-maybe even one day to return to help the Bhutanese Refugees in the refugee camp.

Thank you to Regina Open Door Society for this bursary.

Sirjana Subedi