Meet Tha Ku Eh - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

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Meet Tha Ku Eh - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

My name is Tha Ku Eh and I was born in a Thailand Refugee Camp.  I am a graduate from Balfour Collegiate.  I moved to Canada about 7 years ago.  I could not communicate in English or write in English.  When I was little, I always dreamed I would have a brighter future to become a professional carpenter.  After living in Canada for 7 years, I have found that I improved and developed my English.  I have volunteered for many places such as Habitat for Humanity Regina and Balfour Seniors Nights.  I love helping out in my free time and I think it's very important to help out the community that way I get to know more pepople outside of school and I improve my communication skills.

My parents are from Burma and when they were young they did not have the opporunity to study because of the way.  The Burmese troops destroyed our people and native land.  Our people had to move place to place to find a safer place to stay.  Some people chose to stay in Burma, but most moved to a refugee camp in Thailand.  My parents could not stay in Burma because the Burmese troops attacked our village.  My dad drove a boat for the Karen solider in the Karen village.  I also have a little brother who is handicap, so my parents decided to find a better place for him so that he will get better treated.  My parents decided to move to Canada for us to have a high quality of education in Canada so in 2006 we applied to move to Canada.  Thankfully, our family was approached and then we moved to Canada.

My family is now in Canada and we have a safe place to live.  My parents work very hard to feed and support our family.  The poeple who have supported me are my family, my friends and my teachers.  Since I now live in Canada in a safer place and I have gotten a better education, I want to try my hardest to succeed in my future.  I always dream to become a professional carpenter so that I can help out my community who needed help to fix their houses.  I will be starting a program in Summer 2014 as an apprentice student.  My family and my teachers are so proud. 

I want to thank Regina Open Door Society for the Newcomer Bursary.  I know that I can succeed and I willn ot give up on becoming who I want to be.  I am hoping to achieve my goals. 

Thu Ku Eh