Meet Tha Mu Eh - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

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Meet Tha Mu Eh - 2012 Newcomers Bursary Winner

I came to Canada five years ago form Tailand as a refugee. I have worked hard and this semester I will be ocmpleting my grade 12 at Martin Colliegiate. I believe that my exellent academic record and service work make me a good candiadate for this scholarship.

English is my second language but I have been trying my best to make my dream come true. My long-term goal is to study hard and become a Medical Doctor. I believe my chsoen profession will enable me to fulfill my desire to help others. Education has been an import- ant aspect of my life. I always have been a good student and love to learn. During my time at school I managed to take challenging courses such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Math finishing at the top of my class. These subjects became my favourites, as I found them interesting and inspiring. This fall I will be attending the University of Regina to take Pre Professional Science to get into Medical school.

As well as attending high shcool, I also worked thirty-five hours a week to help my family financially and for my personal needs. After high school, I plan to study at university and continue to study to reach my goal to become a doctor.

My intention is to utilize the scholarship to reach an even higher level of academic achievement after my graduation in June 2012. Thank you for this bursary.

-Tha Mu Eh