Meet Tila Nepal - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

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Meet Tila Nepal - 2014 Newcomer Bursary Recipient

My Name is Tila Nepal.  I was born and reaised in the refugee camp in Nepal.  22 year ago my family moved to Nepal as refugee from Bhutan, because they were not allowed to follow their culture and speak thier own language.  People who don't follow the rules were killed and the government was also taking all their land, so my family moved to Nepal, looking for a better life.  Life in the refugee camp is not what you would ever wish for.  Not having enough food to fill our stomachs and not having enough money to buy nice clothes was very difficult.  Luckily we had a little food and good education provided by UNHCR and CARITAS Nepal.  With lots of hardships I spent 13 years of my life in refugee camp.  With the support of IOM and UNHCR we flew to Canada. 

In 2010, my new challenge beings in this new world in Canada.  I flew to Canada with my family of 7.  I had very hard time learning English because it was my second langauge.  I began high school in the fall.  It was very hard to understand what the teacher was asking for and what other friends were saying.  Every day I try my best to learn Enlgish and fit in to Canadian society.  A few months after my family and I immigrated to Canada, my mom got a job at the Regina Open Door Society and my dad studied at Regina Open Door Society, and later he also started to work at Walmart.  Money that my parents have is very limited.  It is just enough to pay for our mortgage and groceries.  I even want to work but with my poor helath condition, I am not able to work.  Even though I don't work I have done lots of volunteering work.  I have volunteered since I was nine years old.

When I was nice years old, I started volunteering with children as a support, helping them and I also volunteered as a dance teacher in Nepal.  In Nepal I volunteered in many places helping children.  Even after I came to Canada, I volunteered at Regina Open Door Society, Food Bank and YWCA and my school.  I have done more than 15 culture dance and few culture speeches.  I also teach the Nepali language.  I love my culture and I want to keep my culture so I have done lots of dances and speeches.  With all the volunteer work I have been doing, I have been a fortunate recipient for this year Woman of Distinction award for youht woman of promise. 


Next year, my plan is to attend SIAST, to do Computer Engineering Technology.  Thank you to Regina Open Door Society for provided me with the Newcomer Bursary.  With this bursary I will be able to reach my goal. 


Tila Nepal