Orientation Workshops For Newcomers (OWN) And Peer Leader Training

Orientation Workshops For Newcomers (OWN) And Peer Leader Training

OWN is a program where newcomer students will benefit by gaining a better understanding of their school and adapt to school life in Canada. This will help them to be more self-reliant and confident. They will also gain an improved sense of identity and belonging and will become involved in the school culture/events. New students will be more successful academically and socially.  

SSWIS has recruited around 100 senior high school students to become Peer Leaders who will mentor and assist newcomer youth during 2017-2018 school year with high school integration and familiarization with Canadian Culture.  

Peer Leader Training will be held at Campbell Collegiate from 9am-4pm on August 16th to 17th, 2018.

The OWN events will be held the thrid and fourth week of August and it will take place at 11 High Schools and Adult Campus in Regina in the morning and afternoons.  The session in the morning will be from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and the afternoon session will be from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  

OWN Program Schedule: 

Students only need to attend the high school they are enrolled in!                            
Public Schools

Martin High School

August 22nd, AM

       1100 McIntosh Street

Regina, SK  S4T 5B7

Phone: (306) 523-3450

Balfour Collegiate

August 31st, PM

1245 College Avenue

Regina, SK S4P 1B1

Phone: (306) 523-3200

Campbell High School

August 31, 2018, AM

102 Massey Road

Regina, SK  S4S 4M9

Phone: (306) 523-3250

Sheldon Williams Collegiate

August 29th, PM

2601 Coronation Street

Regina, SK S4S 0L4


F.W. Johnson Collegiate

August 24th, PM

400 Fines Drive

Regina, SK S4N 5L9


Thom Collegiate

August 30th, PM

265 Argyle Street North

Regina, SK

Phone: (306) 523-3600

Adult Campus

September 18th, AM

2314 11th Avenue

Regina, Sk S4P 0K1


Winston Knoll Collegiate

August 23rd, PM 

5255 Rochdale Blvd.

Regina, Sk  S4X 4M8

Phone: (306) 523-3400

Huda School

August 22nd, AM

40 Sheppard Street

Regina SK S4R 3M6

Phone: (306) 565-1988

Pavillon secondaire des Quatre Vents 7e –12e année

August 28th, AM

1440, 9ème Avenue Nord

 Regina (SK) S4R 8B1

Phone: (306) 775-1970



Catholic Schools

Archbishop O’Neill Catholic High School

August 28th, AM

136 Argyle Street

Regina, SK  S4R 4C3

Phone: (306) 791-7240

DR. Martin LeBoldus High School

August 27th, PM

2330 25 Avenue

Regina, SK S4S 4B6

(306) 791-7250

Miller Catholic High School

August 29th, AM

1027 College Avenue

Regina, SK  S4P 1A7

Phone: (306) 791-7230

    For more information or to register, please contact:

SSWIS (Settlement Support Workers in Schools) Program

Regina Open Door Society

4th Floor, 2220 12th Avenue

Regina, Sask

Tel: 306-352-3500


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