Shaif's Story

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Shaif's Story

Shaif, his wife Dilruba and daughter Marjan immigrated from Bangladesh to Canada on January 25, 2013. Before arriving in Canada, Shaif worked in a family owned grocery store. The family went to the Newcomer Welcome Centre soon after arrival where they received information on services available through RODS, language assessments and a school assessment for their daughter. They also met with an Orientation Services for Newcomers (OSN) worker who helped them complete forms to apply for health cards and other benefit programs.


Shaif was looking for work and was referred to Employment Services where he and Dilruba enrolled in the Language, Employability, Skills and Numeracy for Employment Readiness (LESNER) Course in mid-February. Shaif had very little English vocabulary and admits, “My English is not so good, I don’t know the words I want to speak.” But in his first two months he increased his English vocabulary substantially and was speaking basic sentences. When asked what he was doing to improve his English, Shaif replied “I go to Tim Horton’s and visit with new friends practising my English and I listen to other people talking to learn new English words.”


Through networking, Shaif was able to get an interview at Walmart. His interview was successful and he was offered a full-time night shift position which he requested so that he could continue attending the LESNER class. Shaif is responsible for stocking the freezer section and monitoring the gauges and temperatures of the equipment. “My manager is always good. I like my job at Walmart” Shaif said.


After completing the LESNER class, Shaif is hoping to attend evening English classes at RODS. The class time will accommodate his night shift work at Walmart and allow him to continue to learn and improve his English.


Shaif’s positive attitude, high motivation and success from his hard work have greatly inspired the other clients. “Before in my country I had very little. The Open Door is very helpful, very good. My teacher helped me in class and with my English”