SOPA Graduate: Get to know Nurudeen Bello

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SOPA Graduate: Get to know Nurudeen Bello

“We arrived in Saskatoon on October 1st, 2016 and settling in wasn't difficult as we had already met some friends before landing.  My wife and I heard of the SOPA program through a SOPA client who had landed, and now I am so grateful to have listened to her recommendation.”

“I took all 5 courses, and each course was helpful in my settling in Canada.  I got two job interviews in my first month of landing, I submitted several resumes using various media, including hand delivery. The methods I learned in  the Job Search Strategies course made job searching simplified, and of course my resumes were detailed to align with each job’s requirements.  In November, exactly one month after landing I started working in my new home in Saskatoon, and still working now.  The soft skills courses, Professional Communication and Working With Others were no doubt helpful in the way I communicate with the diverse workplace culture, and also gave me the ability to understand the unspoken culture of others, and ways to effectively work with them without problems.  The lessons in these courses were instrumental to my job acquisition and still retaining. I value that I learned these skills before I arrived.  My place of work has various nationalities; Chinese, Indians, Sri Lankan, Bangladesh, Nigerians, Canadians, and Jamaican. I call it a multi cultural centre. Settling in wasn't tedious as lectures from SOPA already paved way for proper job place integration.” 

“All SOPA courses played important roles in my pre arrival, arrival and post arrival experiences. I have no regrets going through SOPA courses has it has been a huge success, and I implore other immigrants to take the course as it will afford you to know Canada even before boarding the plane!”

Nurudeen Bello, February 2017