SOPA Graduate: Get to know Reuben Adeleye

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SOPA Graduate: Get to know Reuben Adeleye

"Taking this course has helped me in no small measure. 

Right from the commencement of Job Search Strategies, to this stage, I have gained tremendously.  I have learned about general and targeted resumes, and covers letters (general and targeted also), it should be noted that I now know I have to design a targeted cover note which before now, I didn't do. 

I have learned how to identify my various skills, strength and weakness.  

Of course the importance of networking can not be forgotten easily, para-phrasing and various interviews formats, techniques and stages and how to also prepare well ahead for interviews.  for me, the act of follow up on interviews is one of the most lesson I have learned as I'm always averse on that. 

In all, valuable lessons have been learned in Canadian way of securing employment which is totally different to my country of birth.

Many thanks to my able facilitator, Lisa, am grateful for your efforts, time, consideration and painstakingly taking time to make necessary and relevant corrections when needed. 

To all the SOPA team members, best wishes to you all and those that are still contemplating whether or not to enroll in this course, I strongly advise you to quickly do so.  It is an eye opener. 

Many thanks"

Reuben Adeleye