Summer Blast 2020 Program

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Summer Blast 2020 Program

WCN- Youth Program will be offering the Summer Blast Program for newcomer youth ages 12 to 24 this July and August 2020.

Make your summer fun and exciting! Join the Summer Blast 2020 and experience a variety of fun and interactive learning activities we have in store for you. This program is open to all newcomer youths ages 12 to 24. 

Activities include:

  • English Camp
  • Art Workshops
  • Life Skills Education
  • Writing workshop
  • Virtual Museum Tours and many more exciting learning activities!

 A calendar containing the specific date and time of activities will be shared at the orientation.

Our registration is underway and we encourage everyone to register as soon as possible as have limited slots. This is such a great opportunity for newcomer youth to learn new skills, become familiar with their community and establish a strong rapport with other youths in a fun and exciting way.


Register for the Summer Blast Program!