Tila's Story - A Youth Experience

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Tila's Story - A Youth Experience

Life is said to be a journey of challenges.  Throughout my life I have been through various challenges and have had experiences of both success and failure. I was born and raised in a refugee-camp located in Nepal until my migration to Canada. I arrived in Canada in 2010 along with my family. Since my  journey to this new world, my life’s challenges have been doubled with each new experience in this strange country. I have explored a new language and culture and have adapted to a new way of living.

My heartfelt thanks to the Regina Open Door Society for providing me with the incredible opportunity to participate in the Toastmaster’s  International program through the Youth Program. This program got me started on the road to more involvement in the community. It gave me the  passion and confidence to start to volunteer in different areas of the community. Through Toastmaster’s, I was able to meet many wonderful people and it helped me to learn about Canada, its diversity and lifestyle. Through these opportunities I was able to receive the Women of Distinction for Women of Promise Award through the YWCA.

As an ESL student, the help provided by the teachers at F.W. Johnson was incredible. I was able to learn a new language, which isn’t an easy task, and graduate from high school.  The incredible experience of  working with the wonderful people at RODS, the welcoming community of Regina and FW Johnson has greatly impacted who I am today.

After all these struggles, successes and failures in life,  I have gained faith in myself and come to the conclusion that life’s challenges will continue, but we should not let those challenges get us down. I have been accepted into SIAST in Moose Jaw, to complete a diploma in Chemical Technology.