T.R.'s Story

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T.R.'s Story

29 year old T.R. arrived in Regina from Eritrea in 2013 as a Government Assisted Refugee (GAR).  Despite all the pain and immense challenges that he had experienced as a refugee, he arrived in Canada hoping for a better life.  T. R. knew that moving to a new country would present many new difficulties, such as adapting to a different culture and finding a job, but he was also filled with self-confidence and the determination to succeed.

After receiving an initial employment orientation from RODS Refugee Assistance Program (RAP) Employment Liaison, T.R. was referred to RODS Employment Services where he received further employment training.  Upon completion of this training, the RAP Employment Liaison connected T.R. with Transition to Trades, where he was selected to be one of fifteen students in a 23 week trades training program.

His smooth integration and contribution to the local community represents a great success not only to him and his  family, but also to RODS and its funders and partners who have always been dedicated to supporting newcomers.