We are moving!

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We are moving!

Over the past number of years, the Regina Open Door Society has expanded very quickly. This meant taking on various facilities from which to deliver our programs. While this allowed us to meet the needs of our clients, having numerous locations presented some internal and external challenges.

To continue growing and improving our services we have decided to amalgamate most of our programs in one location.

With this move, we hope to improve the working experience of our staff, resulting in a greater commitment to the organization’s mission, vision and values. This will also enhance the experience of our clients, volunteers, partners and stakeholders.

Additionally, reducing the number of facilities we deliver services from, will give us an opportunity and more time to increase public awareness about our services and share the stories that show the impact these have in the community.  

During the move, our Settlement Family and Community Services offices will be closed on August 26 & 27. Services from Language, Employment and Central Administration will remain open during this time.

Settlement Family and Community Services will resume on August 28, 2019.