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Achieving Job Success

There is nothing more exciting than when an employer calls you to offer you a job. But now what? You will now have a probation period that employers use to decide if you will keep the job. This probation period can cause worry and concern about whether you will indeed pass the probation period. Once you accept a job offer, you will want to ensure success in keeping your job where both you and your employer will be satisfied. By taking this new workshop, you will increase your chances of achieving job success.  


This workshop offers tips, strategies, and methods to improve your work performance that will ensure job success. Participants will have the opportunity to identify how to improve themselves professionally and apply this knowledge to their everyday work life. Key topics include: 

  • What makes up a good employee? 
  • Time management 
  • Setting Goals 
  • Business Etiquette 
  • Common work-related pitfalls 
  • Organizing your workplace 

When you finish this workshop, you will: 

  • Have an understanding of what job success is and how to achieve it 
  • Learn practical methods to help you improve your work performance  
  • Learn proper business etiquette to ensure job success