Excel level 1

Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet software, and an important computer program in the Canadian workplace. Excel can be applied in many different industries, including business administration, finance, human resources, hospitality, and teaching. Whether you have never used Excel before, or are in need of a refresher course on spreadsheets and formulas, you should consider taking Excel Level 1. 


Excel Level 1 covers the basics of Microsoft Excel, as well as OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud-saving program). Among the topics that we will cover in this workshop are: 

  • Creating, saving, and sharing Excel workbooks 
  • Cell basics, including formatting 
  • Using the fill handle, find & replace, and spell check 
  • Working with multiple Excel worksheets 
  • Applying formulas 
  • Applying functions 

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • Use the basic features of Excel workbooks, including creating, saving, sharing, printing, reviewing, and exporting 
  • Apply formatting to Excel worksheets, including number formatting, modifying row and column dimensions, and adding color and style elements 
  • Apply formulas and functions to Excel worksheets 

Participants will also receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of this workshop.