ALT Unit 2: Getting A Job

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ALT Unit 2: Getting A Job
Program Overview:

In this class participants will learn about and apply the skills involved in conducting a job search and participating in the application and interview process. Participants will also learn about employment offers and contracts and how to negotiate them. The class will also focus on communicative advanced English competencies.

Program Highlights:
  • The Job Search: how to search for jobs that match your knowledge and skills, networking, and accessing the hidden job market
  • The Job Application: resume and cover letter development, job application forms, contacting employers over the telephone, communicating qualifications and aspirations, and references
  • The Job Interview: employment interview preparation, effective responses to common and various types of interview questions, communicating qualifications effectively, and post-interview follow-up
  • After the Interview: how to accept a job, offers of employment, and negotiating employment offers and contracts

May 8th to June 22rd, 2017
Monday – Thursday
9:30 am to 11:30 am

For more information or to register, please contact:

Employment Services
2332 11th Ave (second floor)


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