Basic Computers & Keyboarding

Online Via Zoom

Are you computer illiterate and keyboarding slowly with only two fingers? This free online workshop will help increase your basic computer and keyboarding skills that in turn will make you more employable. This course provides newcomers with practical information and experience in computer basics for the workplace.  Participants will learn basic skills in Microsoft Office Word, email, internet and keyboarding.

Key Topics Include:

  • Various parts of the computer and computer vocabulary
  • Navigating through MS Word, emails and the internet
  • Creating, saving, renaming and deleting files
  • Learning and practicing proper keyboarding
  • Importance of backup storage for important files
  • Increasing your computer security 

When you finish this workshop, you will:

  • Know how to better navigate MS Word, emails and the internet
  • Have increased awareness of how to increase your computer security
  • Know how to practice proper keyboarding and improve your typing speed