Empowering Your Voice: Communication Skills

Online Via Zoom

Communication is an integral aspect of everyone’s life. It involves learning how to listen, influence, encourage, fact-find, and manage interpersonal relationships more effectively. Empowering your voice involves developing your verbal and non-verbal communication styles to ensure you are heard and taken seriously. This online workshop is meant to help newcomer youth ages 16 to 29 develop communication skills and collaboration skills. 

Your instructor will use a variety of methods, including videos, class discussions, and quizzes to present the information.  

Key Topic Include:

  • Top 10 effective communication skills
  • Tips for empowering your voice through enhanced communication skills 
  • What is emotional intelligence? 
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills: meaning, importance and how to improve them 

When you finish this workshop, you will:

  •  Recall and practice tips for more effective communication 
  •  Use improved interpersonal skills in daily interactions
  • Identify and practice essential interpersonal skills
  • Practice tips for improved emotional intelligence