Interview Workshop

Online Via Zoom

The Interview Skills workshop facilitates hands-on learning in an environment where every participant feels comfortable asking questions and working with others towards a common goal: an effective job interview. This workshop offers participants an opportunity to explore, identify, and practice a variety of interview questions and develop strategies that will help to answer employers clearly and confidently. 

 Key topics include:

  • Types of Canadian interviews
  • Examples of common, job-specific, & behavioural interview questions
  • Strategies for answering interview questions and evaluating your responses
  • How to prepare for an online and in-person job interview
  • What to expect when you meet the employer

When you finish this workshop, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the culture and expectations of Canadian job interviews
  • Be able to research employers and prepare for on-line and in-person interviews
  • Know how to identify different types of interview questions and create engaging and relevant responses