Saving & Responsible Investing

Online Via Zoom

Investing in yourself means believing that you're capable of more than what you're currently doing. It means forming better habits in order to learn, grow and create value. This online workshop will introduce help newcomer youth ages 16 to 29 to the value of investing in oneself in a monetary sense, and in one own personal growth as pathways to achieving goals. 

Key Topics Include:

  • Why saving for your future and responsible personal investing go hand-in-hand
  • An introduction to transferable skills 
  • 3 Simple Responsible Investing strategies to further your personal growth 

When you finish this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the tools available to invest in themselves financially
  • Practice using Responsible Investing strategies to accelerate their personal growth
  • Make informed decisions for saving as they invest in their financial future
  • Make informed decisions for personal growth 
  • Identify the transferable skills they need to improve and how they can work on improving them