Tuned Thinking: Cognitive & Critical Thinking

Online Via Zoom

Cognitive learning and critical thinking go hand in hand. They help us to make good decisions, understand the consequences of our actions, in problem-solving, and in setting and following through on our goals. This online workshop will introduce the newcomer youth ages 16 to 29 to a number of strategies to develop the skills needed to think independently and critically in a professional setting, and in their everyday life.  

Your instructor will use a variety of methods, including videos and class discussions, and quizzes to present the information.  

Please sign up for Google Classrooms prior to this class. You will receive the classroom information with your welcome email. 

Key Topics Include:

  • The relationship between cognitive skills and enhanced critical thinking 
  • The Eight (8) Dimensions of Critical Thinking 
  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking 
  • Making correct inferences 

When you finish this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the importance of developing cognitive learning skills and how they impact critical thinking 
  • Practice using critical thinking in the solution of everyday problems as well as in education and career advancement 
  • Break down, clarify and analyze information to accurately interpret information presented