We Before I: Teamwork & Collaboration

Online Via Zoom

Teamwork and collaboration are valuable assets at any stage of your life. Whether as a learner or in career development, the ability to bring valuable contributions to a team sets you apart. Serving as a support system, a bonding experience, and a springboard to propel ideas, teamwork and collaboration benefit everyone involved. The secret to becoming an accomplished team-player lies with recognizing the importance of team success, and how it directly relates to your individual growth. 

This online workshop will explore some of the essential conditions required for successful teamwork and collaboration, it will help newcomer youth ages 16 to 29 to seek out, receive, and give feedback in the most effective ways. In addition, this workshop will also teach youth to strengthen the skills needed for successful teamwork and collaboration in education and in the Canadian workplace.

Key Topics Include:

  • Explore the meaning and benefits of teamwork and collaboration 
  • Recall the 5 essential conditions for successful teamwork and collaboration 
  • Recognize the importance of playing to different personalities, strengths, and skills in a team 
  • Recognize the most common conflicts and how to prevent them ahead of time and/or manage them once they arise 

 When You Finish This Workshop, You Will:

After completing the workshop, participants should achieve the following: 

  • Diverse perspectives on projects 
  • A wider sense of ownership 
  • Overcome the barriers that typically arise during the collaborative process 
  • Recall tips to prevent and manage conflicts in the workplace 
  • Recognize the value of team success 

 Please sign up for Google Classrooms prior to this class. You will receive the classroom information with your welcome email.