From Peru to Canada: Fiorella Villagaray’s Journey of Creative Success

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Originally from Peru, Fiorella Villagaray – Pacheco had always dreamed of a life filled with creativity and success. Armed with passion and talent, she embarked on an artistic journey, pursuing her Arts & Design bachelor’s degree at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and later, her studies in Business Administration at the University of Regina. But her ambitions extended far beyond the borders of her homeland, which is part of why she moved to Canada.  

When Fiorella landed in Regina with dreams of a successful career in Arts Administration, she found herself faced with the daunting job market, which is something many newcomers experience upon arriving to Canada. Uncertain of the right path to take, she sought guidance from a trusted friend who introduced her to the Regina Open Door Society. There, she was connected with a Youth Employment Counsellor, to help her on her journey to finding a fulfilling career. 

With her counselor’s support, Fiorella embarked on a journey determined to land a job in her field and continue towards her goal of working in the arts. With the help of her employment counsellor, Fiorella explored her strengths, skills, and passions, while working on creating her resume and cover letter, and sharpening her interview skills. Fiorella was able to craft a personalized action plan, with a brand new resume and cover letter in tow, she was able to navigate the Canadian job market and be better equipped to apply for jobs available in the market. 

Though she initially secured jobs that weren’t aligned with her educational and professional background, Fiorella’s dedication and the unwavering support from Regina Open Door Society paid off. The Mackenzie Art Gallery recognized her talent and passion, offering her a role as a Gallery Facilitator, her first step towards the career of her dreams. With her skills and background in the arts, working with community art projects, and her various volunteer roles, Fiorella was able to land this job with confidence! 

But her story didn’t end there. While working at the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Fiorella still wanted to gain more skills, where she enrolled in various computer education programs that Regina Open Door Society offered, including Excel levels one and two. With these new skills acquired, an invitation from Code Ninjas, a local organization here in Regina, came, and who liked her skills and thought they aligned with their needs well. As she walked into the interview, Fiorella knew this was her moment to shine. Drawing upon the guidance and preparation provided by Regina Open Door Society, she impressed the hiring manager, leaving her mark that led to her becoming the Center Director. 

When asked about her journey, Fiorella shared invaluable advice for other newcomers: “Focus on Canadian Cultures workplace and resume building.  The process is going to take some time but remain constant, persistent and follow your dreams”.

Fiorella’s future remains bright as she achieved the experience and the job she had envisioned when she first set foot in Canada, all thanks to the unwavering support from the Employment team at Regina Open Door Society. “RODS creates these opportunities for anybody who’s looking for work,” she acknowledges, a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to empowering newcomers. 

The Regina Open Door Society extends a warm appreciation to RBC Future Launch for their continued support of newcomer youth seeking employment in Canada.