Citizenship 101
The Orientation Services for Newcomers (OSN) has 10 weeks program to guide you through your journey to becoming Canadian and help you improve your knowledge and awareness of Canadian citizenship.

Activities include: 
  • Group learning, sharing knowledge and experiences to understanding how to become Canadian Citizen 
  • Online and in-person interactive sessions based on the official Discover Canada Guide Book 
  • Self-assessment activities 
  • Learning tours at historical places 
  • Special presentations from professors, community workers, politicians, historians, economists, etc. 
  • Mock Citizenship Oath Ceremony 
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the program 

You will learn about: 
  • The rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship 
  • Canadian history, economy and regions 
  • Canadian Governance 
  • The justice system 
  • Federal elections 
  • Canadian symbols and more 
  • Be a permanent resident 
  • At least 18 years of age 
  • CLB level 4 and above 
  • Be available every Saturday for 10 weeks