Housing Registry

Housing Registry

Housing in Regina is becoming very affordable compared to other Canadian cities and Regina has excellent bus service, with routes travelling to various locations throughout the city.

The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) is a non-profit Service-Providing Organization (SPO) that has been serving the community for over 40 years. In serving the immigrant population we find permanent accommodations for the clients.

As a new initiative, we are starting an online Housing Registry system, where landlords looking for tenants can post their available rental properties and the staff can use this resource as a tool to secure housing for the newly arrived clients.

The purpose of the RODS Housing Registry is as follows:
  • An avenue for the local landlords to let RODS know of the possible vacancies in their rental properties
  • An avenue for RODS staff to have access to a list of landlords who can be looked toward for securing permanent accommodation for the clients
  • To publish and keep an updated list of landlords for clients to have access to and can communicate with to find permanent accommodations

If you have a rental property and would like to list the property with us, please fill out the

Housing Registry Form


 For more information, please contact:

Settlement Team Leader, Murshed Abdullah Al Hussain 

at  or call 306-352-3500


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