What Is KidsFirst?

KidsFirst is a free, optional program that helps families to become the best parents they can be by enhancing knowledge, providing support and building on family strengths.

What Can KidsFirst Do For You and Your Family?

The purpose of KidsFirst is to support your family as you bring a new baby into your life. We will support you to build the life you want for your family.

What Support Would I Get?

If you are selected, your family will get support from a home visitor, who will:

  • Support you and your children
  • Teach you about healthy nutrition
  • Promote bonding with your baby
  • Help you build parenting skills and strengthen your relationship with your children
  • Assist you with your child's development
  • Teach non-violent discipline methods
  • Help you be sensitive and responsive to your child's needs
  • Teach you communication skills
  • Assist you to set goals and problems solve
  • Help you to get services like childcare and parent support groups
  • Provide transportation to appointments when necessary
Who Can Register For KidsFirst?

A woman who is pregnant or who has a child 1 year or younger can register. If needed, families can stay in the program until the primary child is 3 years old.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's FREE!


Call Regina Open Door Society at 352-3500. Ask for the KidsFirst supervisor.

Who Else Offers KidsFirst Services In Regina?

Regina Open Door Society is one of many organizations that provide KidsFirst services in Regina. The others are: Regina Early Leaning Centre, Aboriginal Family Service Centre, Rainbow Youth Centre.