The Orientation Services for Newcomers (OSN) program supports newcomers to meet their settlement needs, gain knowledge of life in Canada, understand how to access IRCC/non-IRCC funded programs, and adapt/ integrate into the community. OSN offers programming that collaborates and incorporates newcomer, indigenous and Canadian perspectives in regular services.

All services are offered in-person and remotely.

Why Orientation Services For Newcomers?

Regina is a vibrant and growing metropolis, but settling in a new city is can be challenging for anyone. You may be alone or with your family, but many things are different in a new town. The people are new, the language is foreign, and the culture is different. You may be alone or with your family, but everyone you knew is back home. You may be asking yourself,

  • How can I get a job?  
  • How can I improve my English?  
  • How can I get a bank account?  
  • Where do I go to rent a house?  
  • How can I get my children into school?  

     We can help you to feel at home in Regina. 

What is The Orientation Services for Newcomers (OSN) Program?

Through Orientation Services for Newcomers (OSN) we will meet with you, find out what you need and work with you to help you settle in your new home. Our information orientation sessions teach you how to access various services, search for a job, and use the internet to find helpful information. We take you on group tours of the library, government and recreational buildings in Regina.

Who can register?

Permanent residents and refugees can register for this program.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's FREE!

When Does It Start?

Programs start at different times during the year. Contact us for more details!

More Information?

There are four ways to get more information: 

  1. Go to the Regina Open Door Donahue Building at 2314 11th Avenue, Ask for OSN walk-in 
  2. Go to the Newcomer Welcome Centre at 1855 Smith Street. Ask for the OSN Worker.  
  3. Phone the Regina Open Door Society at 306-352- 3500. Ask for the OSN Worker. 
  4. Email  or