Syrian Humanitarian Crisis

Syrian Refugees

It has been 5 years since the onset of civil war in Syria, and there is no foreseeable end in sight. Four million Syrians have been forced to leave their country and this number continues to grow, making this the largest refugee crisis facing the world since the 1940’s. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has made request for over 1.15 million refugee resettlement spaces to assist in providing relief.

Regina Open Door Society is working towards the safe arrival of the Syrian Refugees and is looking to put services in place to facilitate their successful integration into our community.  


We Are Ready.  Are you?   Ways You Can Get Involved


1) Engage


How You Can Become Aware And Engaged:
  1. Request presenters to arrange for an information session in your community or business.
  2. Learn about the Private Sponsorship of Refugees and their Orientation Process.     Are you interested in learning about the private sponsorship of refugees?  A RODS staff person is available to answer questions from interested community sponsors and to assist with information regarding SAH's, housing, language training, community information, etc. Contact Erin Davalos at the Newcomer Welcome Centre for more information at
  3. Offer Affordable Housing: Are you a landlord in Regina who can provide temporary or permanent housing to refugees? For more information, please email: 
  1. Provide Employment Opportunities: Are you a business owner in Regina who can provide a smoother transition for refugees through employment which would help them on the journey to financial independence?  For more information, please email:  
  2. Offer Your Healthcare Services: Are you a physician in Regina who is accepting new patients? Refugees need access to healthcare and can particularly benefit from physicians who speak their language.  For more information, please email:    



Would you consider offering urgently needed translation services for Syrian Refugees? Click here for more information.  Find out about other volunteer opportunities within RODS. 


Do you belong to a private group or organization who would like to apply to sponsor Syrian Refugees to come to Canada?  Attend awareness creation session.


2) Give


Donating To RODS

Regina Open Door Society can only accept monetary donations due to health risks, space limitations and staffing.  We regretfully decline all donations of clothing, household items and furniture. Donation drop offs will not be accepted at any of our offices or Reception House. 


Thank You For the Generous Support

Residents have shown an overwhelming amount of kindness and are invited to continue their generosity by donating household goods, furniture and clothing to the Salvation Army. Refugees will have access to items at the Salvation Army at no charge with a voucher based system. 

In the efforts to prepare to welcome the Syrian Refugees, it is important to note that household goods, furniture and clothing donations have been very generous and immediate donation needs have been met.  Residents have shown an overwhelming amount of kindness and are invited to continue their generosity by donating to local organizations that will support the entire community.  


Here are some other ways resident can help:
  • form a group to privately sponsor a refugee(s) to come to Canada
  • offer full-time or part-time employment opportunities to help refugees start a new life and become financially independent
  • volunteer with us as a translator or a long-term mentor for newcomers
  • warmly welcome newcomers in your neighbourhoods


Syrian Refugees
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