The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) Program aims to help youth develop the skills and gain the experience they need to successfully transition into the labour market.



You must be a visible minority immigrant youth aged 15 to 30, a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee, assessed at a CLB 5 or higher and unemployed with barriers to gaining employment to be eligible.


The YESS Program is an intensive 16-week program that combines eight weeks of in-class employment skills training, two weeks of mentorship, and six weeks of onsite work placements.

Participants are paid for the eight weeks of classroom training and six weeks of onsite work placement.

The in-class employment skills training runs Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. The work placements are TBD in collaboration with the employer/Workplace Liaison.

The work placements will be arranged with local employers.

The in-class employment skills training following topics:

Week One:
Soft skills, informational interviews, personality assessments and career-path mapping! Participants will identify their skills, strengths and areas for improvement. They will research their career/industry, the labour market and potential job opportunities.

Week Two:
Participants will develop an individualized employment action plan which identifies goals, skills, strengths, barriers and outlines attainable steps to achieve their goals.

Week Three:
The 9 essential skills and why they are important. Participants will gain knowledge of, and increased skills in the 9 essential skills areas.

Week Four:
Finances, Taxes, budgeting and investing in Canada. Financial literacy and overview of taxes, pay stubs (deductions) investments and E.I. Participants will gain knowledge of, financial literacy including, banking, credit, budgeting, savings/investments.

Week Five:
Workplace communication, both verbal and written. Communication skills, styles and conflict resolution. Participants will gain knowledge of skills such as teamwork and collaboration, communication, adaptability and gain knowledge of the Canadian workplace culture norms.

Week Six:
Employment Standards and workers’ rights and responsibilities. Participants will become familiar with the rules and regulations set by Employment Standards in Saskatchewan.

Week Seven:
Participants will develop fundamental workplace skills (e.g. financial literacy, computer skills etc.) and gain knowledge of skills in computer use including online navigation for job search, Microsoft Word and Excel. Participants will develop and apply personal marketing tools such as resumes, cover letters, and application forms.

Week Eight:
Participants will develop interview skills (mock interviews), professional networking (in-person and online) and preparation for work terms. Participants will develop tailored resumes and cover letters suitable to their career goals and engage in mock interviews appropriate to their career goals.





This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Skills Strategy YESS