Youth Program

Adapting to school is hard work. The language and culture is different.  How can I make new social contacts?  How can I get help with English?  How can I get help with my homework?  At the Youth Program, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to these questions.  The program will help you meet people in Regina.  You will get the chance to make new friends with other youth people in the community, participate in fun events and get help with your homework.   

 Youth Program

What Would I Do In This Program?

There are lots of activities to do in the Youth Program:

  • If you join the EAL Support Group, you can get help with your homework from volunteer tutors.  
  • And during the summer months, the Summer Leisure Youth Program give you a changes to learn sports like badminton, soccer, boxing, swimming, tennis and takraw; and also get the chance to go on field trips.  
  • During the winter months, we also schedule other events like bowling and skating.  
Who Can I Register For This Program?

Refugees and permanent residents between the ages of 13-18 can register.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's FREE!

How long will it take to Process my Application?

Once we receive your complete application (including the Criminal Record Check) we try to process it within a month.  However, sometimes the reference check process can take longer.  You can help us speed up the process by forwarding this Reference Check Questionnaire to your references; ask them to fill and send to .  We will only accept forms sent directly from your reference’s email address, and we will follow up with a phone call to make sure is genuine.  For faster identification, please save the form with your name before sending to your references.  


How Do I Register? 

Please fill out the Volunteer Application and email it to  or drop it off to 4th Floor, 2220 12th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, attention Volunteer Program.  


For more information about the Welcoming Community for Newcomers (WCN) Program, please contact:

4th Floor, 2220 12th Avenue

Regina, Saskatchewan

Tel: (306) 352-3500



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