Agency Referral Form

Please complete the referral as listed and ensure the referral is legible. The information you provide will assist us in preparing for the Intake/counselling process. Other people working with the client may help you complete the form. If able please attach additional documentation (i.e. reports or pertinent casenotes etc.).

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Client information

For the client being referred.
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Will this client need an interpreter?
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Identify the problem- what does the client need?, what are the clients’ strengths etc
Include primary Service Providers already involved in the clients’ case, a list of individuals for further follow-ups regarding the case etc.

Referring Agency Information & Referring Case-Worker Details

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Referral consent

If the client agrees to the referral, obtain consent before the client’s information is shared with others, which information can be shared, Parental/caregiver consent should be obtained if the client is a minor.