Employment Services

Our offices are closed due to COVID-19. However, we are offering all of our services online.

Once you are registered, we will assign you an Employment Counselor who will set up a Zoom meeting with you and register you for our online workshops.

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Employment Counselling

Through individual online employment counseling, your counselor will help you create a career action plan with your short and long-term goals, and help you identify the steps you need to take to achieve these goals. We are here to help you understand how to navigate the current labor market and learn about the Canadian workplace. Your counselor can also enroll you in our online workshops!

Employment Workshops

Please see our workshop schedule for the next two weeks below.

If you are a registered client, please email your counselor to be registered in the following online workshops.

For the First aid & CPR course, the deadline for submitting an application to your counselor is March 31st, 2021.

If you are not a registered client, please telephone 306-352-3521 to register with us.