Orientation Services for Newcomers

Why Orientation Services For Newcomers?

Adapting to life in Regina is hard work. Nothing is the same. The people are different, the language is different, and the culture is different. How can I get a job? How can I get better English? How can I get a bank account? How can I get my children into school? We can help you to being to feel at home in Regina.

What Is The Orientation Services For Newcomers (OSN) Program?

Through Orientation Services for Newcomers (OSN) we will meet with you and find out what you need. Our classes teach you how to get services. We show you how to get a job. We help you use the internet to get good information. We take you on group tours of library, government and recreational buildings in Regina. We meet one-to-one to help with your special needs.

  • You will get a meeting with RODS Settlement Worker who will assess your needs
  • You will get help with setting goals
  • You will get printed information, access to email and internet
  • You will learn how to parent; how to communicate in Canada; how to help you children in school; how to fix conflict in your life
  • You will learn how to deal with culture shock; how to get over Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • You will learn about how to use the bank; how to take the bus; how to insure your car; how to get a doctor; how to get job
  • You will learn about Canadian culture and traditions
  • You will learn other people and organizations in Regina who can help you
  • You will meet other immigrants who have lived in Regina for a long time
  • You will tour Regina Public Libraries, the Saskatchewan Legislature, Regina City Hall, the YMCA, the Can-Sask Centre and other important places
  • You will get one-to-one help with your special needs

Who Can Register?

Permanent resident and refugees can register for this program.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s FREE!

When Does It Start?

Programs start at different times during the year. Contact the Newcomer Welcome Centre for details.

How Can I Get More Information?

There are three ways to get more information:

Go to the Newcomer Welcome Centre at 2332-11th Avenue. Ask for the OSN Worker.
Phone the Newcomer Welcome Centre at (306) 352-5775. Ask for the OSN Worker.
Email osn@rods.sk.ca.