OWN Elementary School

This is a 2-hour Orientation Workshop for parents of newcomer elementary school children. During this workshop, support workers provide valuable information on Elementary School System in Canada, school culture and expectations to alleviate settlement challenges.

Ultimately these help increase parent involvement, expedite the integration process and make the transition into the Canadian school system enjoyable for newcomer children and parents.

OWN High School

Starting from the middle to the end of August, Peer Leaders will deliver half a day of online OWN (Orientation Workshop for Newcomers) workshops on a peer-to-peer level for all grade 9 EAL students and newcomer students who arrive in Canada in June, July and August.

During this Workshop, Peer Leaders share information about:

  • High School Culture in Canada
  • High School expectations
  • How to use locks
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • How to use a timetable
  • Virtual School Tours
  • How to select classes, and much more!

The main emphasis of the OWN workshop is to help Newcomer students to build peer relationships. By attending this workshop, we hope that students be less anxious, feel more confident, and develop a sense of belonging when starting High School in Canada.

SSWIS is calling all grade 8 EAL students who arrive in Canada in June, July and August to apply.

Please Note: The information session for parents will be open at the OWN workshop.

Contact your assigned SSWIS worker for more details.