Turning Dreams into Achievements: Favour Emmanuel’s Canadian Career Journey

Imagine arriving in a new country with big dreams and a determination to shape a better future. That’s exactly what Favour Emmanuel did when she came to Canada in January 2023. With a background in customer service and information technology, Favour was eager to create a path to success. However, like many newcomers, she faced challenges such as language barriers, adapting to a new culture, and navigating the unfamiliar job market. 

Favour knew that to achieve her goals, she needed expert guidance. That’s when she turned to Employment Services at the Regina Open Door Society (RODS). Their team of professionals stepped in to provide Favour with personalized support, setting her on a journey toward her dream career. 

Working closely with RODS’ Youth Employment counsellor, Favour crafted a tailored resume and cover letter that highlighted her strengths and experiences. This strategic approach showcased her potential to future employers. With discussions about various career options and a plan for success, Favour’s determination shone brightly. 

Favour’s dedication was clear from the start. She actively participated in employment readiness workshops, honing her communication skills and boosting her confidence. Through unwavering persistence, she worked on technical and soft skills, learning from professionals along the way. 

In addition to professional assistance, Favour took advantage of networking events and employer webinars. These opportunities allowed her to connect with industry experts and gain valuable insights into the job market. Despite facing challenges, Favour remained steadfast in her goals, using setbacks as stepping stones to progress. 

Finally, the moment Favour had been working towards arrived. An interview opportunity for a Customer Service Representative role at eHealth Saskatchewan came knocking. Favour’s meticulous preparation paid off, leaving a strong impression on the hiring team and leading to a job offer. Not stopping there, she later applied for and secured the position of Service Desk Analyst, leveraging her IT expertise. 

Favour’s advice to newcomers is: “Job hunting can be tough. Invest time in learning new skills, network, refine your resume, gain experience through volunteering, and present your best self in interviews.” 

Today, Favour thrives in her role, contributing significantly to her organization and experiencing personal and professional growth. Her success serves as a constant source of motivation, reminding us at RODS of the importance of empowering dreams and making a lasting impact on our clients’ lives. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to RBC Future Launch for their unwavering support of young newcomers seeking employment in Canada.