Do you have a background in the financial services sector or are you looking to start your career in banking? Then check out this employer feature!

We had a conversation with shared  Tracey Boxall, RBC Branch manager, she shared that “New to Canada individuals not only bring with them an education and an extraordinary set of skills from their home country, simply through the act of moving to another part of the world demonstrates 21st-century skillsets in action. 21st-century skills are those highly valued skills required to thrive in the new world of work that can’t be disrupted by technology. These include skills such as adaptability, boldness, and collaboration combined with a commitment to continuous learning. This is only one of the many reasons why we at RBC are so proud to partner with Regina Open Door Society and support events such as this career networking event.”

If you’re ever wondering what is like to work at RBC, here are some insights Tracey shared with us.

What is RBC like as an employer?

At RBC, we are purpose-driven and values-led. We believe in the collective ambition of all of our employees. We believe in an employee experience where we all have the opportunity to shape our brand story. Diversity & Inclusion is what enable us to truly thrive. It makes us a more innovative organization and so we encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work. you don’t need to be afraid of bringing the real you to work. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences aren’t just accepted at RBC – they’re celebrated.

What does RBC look for when hiring people?

Diversity, attitude, and skills. While some roles benefit from having accreditation, what matters most are those with the right behaviours and a growth mindset. In addition to us striving to reflect the communities we serve, we seek out purpose-driven, empathy-fueled individuals who care for customers and do what’s right. We also have a passion for community and so individuals with a commitment to community volunteerism will find belonging at RBC.

What kind of roles are available with RBC?

Locally in Regina, we have a variety of personal and business banking roles. As individuals build experience, there are a number of support roles and leadership roles surrounding and supporting our advisors. We have staff who work on-site, some who are mobile, some who are hybrid (working from both their home and the office), and some who work primarily from home. We also have individuals who work in national office roles but from home in Saskatchewan. There is no one career path at RBC. It is about building skills and gaining new experiences that will prepare you for success as you further your career.

What is her advice to newcomers looking to start or continue their careers in the banking industry?

Seek individuals in the industry to sit down and have virtual or in-person conversations. Learn about the expectations, the rewards, and the exciting challenges of different roles. Ask about the culture of different financial services companies to find one that is meaningful for you and that aligns with your values. Consider roles that will help you build an understanding of the needs of customers, technology, products, and banking in general.

What if I have a degree from another country? Does RBC consider that?

Absolutely we do. We take into consideration all previous employment and education of the applicant. But we are only looking for individuals with banking-related education. We also benefit from individuals with diverse education as each faculty or area of study brings its own benefits in areas of unique skills, experiences, and relatability to our diverse clients.

What do you look for on a resume?

I look for a personalized introduction as to why the applicant would like to be considered for roles with RBC. Previous employment with a financial institution is nice, but not essential in being considered for our roles. Any community involvement or causes the applicant is passionate about is also a bonus, as well as speaking languages other than English.

Is speaking an additional language an asset?

Absolutely. We strive to reflect our communities, and our local community is a diverse place to live and work. It’s important that we can meet the needs of all of our clients as they grow their financial health in Canada.


There are so many great success stories of newcomers that have started their careers at RBC, so if you’d like to apply for a job at RBC, check out their careers page at