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Customer Service English

If you need some training to land a job involving interactions with customers, please come and join this online workshop. This free workshop will familiarize you with customer service expectations in Canada and improve your customer service skills by practicing in specific scenarios.


This workshop offers a thorough explanation of requirements in fulfilling customer service duties such as:

  • Using positive language
  • Meeting customers’ needs
  • Dealing with customers’ complaints
  • De-escalating potential conflicts
  • Handling customers’ requests
  • Talking with customers over the phone
  • Writing emails to customers

After developing a clear understanding of these requirements, participants will watch a series of videos to analyze the customer service work. Then they apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios and reflect on their own experience and performance.

When you finish this workshop, you will

  • Develop insights into customer service work
  • Be able to interact with customers appropriately in routine and difficult situations
  • Become more informed and confident as a customer service representative


If you are not registered with us, please click on the below link or please call (306) 352-3521 or email us at employment@rods.sk.ca

Employment Readiness Workshops Registration Form « Regina Open Door Society (RODS)


Sep 26 - 29 2022


9:30 am - 11:30 am
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