From the Philippines to Regina: Allaiza’s Success Story


Allaiza de Guzman arrived in Canada from the Philippines in April 2023, aspiring to build a better future. With a background in Business Administration and a specialization in learning and development, she initially faced common challenges encountered by newcomers, including language barriers, cultural adjustments, and an unfamiliar job market. In her quest for job-related resources, she discovered the employment services provided by the Regina Open Door Society (RODS), finding a supportive community ready to help her reach her career goals.

Our Employment department offered personalized guidance and support through counselling sessions, assisting her in crafting a tailored resume and cover letter highlighting her strengths and relevant experience. Allaiza also collaborated with our youth employment counsellor, exploring different career paths and developing a strategy to find her dream job.

Her dedication to her goals was evident from the beginning as she actively participated in our employment readiness workshops and the Youth Employment and Skill Strategy program (YESS). These experiences helped boost her confidence, fine-tune her communication skills, and enhance her understanding of the Canadian job market. Allaiza diligently worked to improve both her technical and soft skills, turning every challenge into an opportunity for growth.

In addition to professional assistance, Allaiza attended networking events, connecting with industry professionals and gaining valuable insights into the job market. Despite encountering setbacks, she never lost sight of her goals, using those moments to push herself further.

A significant opportunity arose when she secured an interview for a Learning and Performance Consultant position at Farm Credit Canada. Her rigorous preparation and remarkable personality were evident during the interview, leaving a lasting impression on the hiring team. Eventually, she received the job offer she had worked hard for.

When asked for advice to newcomers, Allaiza shared this:

There are 3 things that I’d like to share with my fellow newcomers.

First, show up even when the going gets tough! In this job search journey, I have had many rejections and tried out different kinds of jobs that were out of my comfort zone. But these tough situations didn’t stop me from showing up every day to find the job that I loved. You need to stay persistent in looking and applying for oppotunities related to your field until you land your dream job. What worked for me to get noticed by the employers is by customizing my resume based on the job posting and applying via company websites.

Second, get as much help as you can! There are a lot of non-profit organizations out there that provide support and help to newcomers. I personally reached out to several settlement organizations, but RODS has the most competent staff and a handful of organized programs that can address varying needs. I have participated in different programs of RODS and all of them are very helpful and, most importantly, FREE! RODS played an integral part in my job search success, and I am forever grateful for it. If I had to name my favourite program, it would be the one-on-one mock interviews with employment counsellors.

Lastly, be afraid and do it anyway! Once you get that interview invitation or job offer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and afraid, and I’d say those feelings are normal so don’t back down. Do it afraid and do it with your best foot forward. Everything will work out for you as well in the end.”

Allaiza continues to support and participate in other RODS programs to develop additional skills to open up more opportunities for her in Canada. She joined Toastmasters Public Speaking training to enhance her communication skills. In her free time, she enjoys trying out different activities such as biking around the city and attending kung fu and yoga classes to socialize and learn more about the culture in this country.

Today, Allaiza thrives in her new role, significantly contributing to her organization. Her success continues to inspire us, reinforcing our commitment to empowering dreams and making a lasting impact on the lives of our clients.



We extend our heartfelt thanks to RBC Future Launch for their unwavering support of young newcomers seeking employment in Canada.